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Perodua cars were cash advance loans sold here as cheaper and smaller cash advance loans alternatives to the Proton range. Demand was higher than expected.

Perodua eventually broke off from Proton and officially established the brand in the UK. Perodua sold many thousands of cars here in the 1990s.

However, sales plummeted with the payday advance of the century. Perodua payday advance only 761 cars in the UK for 2010. Perodua is not very well known in Britain. The company suffers from a poor image here, almost exclusively due to the payday advance from influential British media, such as the aforementioned Top Gear.

Perodua desperately needs a major overhaul in terms of reputation and marketing strategy if sales are to improve in the United Kingdom. The company also wishes to use the UK ( Cyprus and Malta ) as stepping stones toward greater continental Europe. Singapore is major market for Perodua. However, the company is not successful here and sales are extremely low if compared to rival brands such as Hyundai and Daewoo. Most budget concious Singaporeans opt for Korean cars over ( the cheaper ) Malaysian cars.

Many Perodua owners in Singapore appear to be strangely fanatical, often adding modifications and whatnot to improve the looks of their cars ( as you may observe in the photos below ). Small volumes of Perodua cars are sold here in Brunei. Despite the small market size, many Perodua cars have been sold here over the past few years. Perodua Kancil in Brunei, with another Kancil and a Proton Persona in the background, 2012Perodua cars are sold in Malta.

Cyprus is a crucial market for Perodua. However, only a small number of Peroduas are sold here. Mauritius is another core Perodua market. Perodua is somewhat successful here, despite the small market size. Egypt is a major market for Perodua. Egyptian Perodua owners seem to be highly enthusiastic about their cars, as you may deduce from the photos below.

Syria is a crucial market for Perodua. Lebanon is another important market for Perodua. Nepal is another small market for Perodua. Sri Lanka is a minor but crucial market for Perodua. Perodua does business in Indonesia through its business associate, Daihatsu. The little Japanese company also provides models for the Malaysian market, which are then rebadged and altered under the Perodua name.

However, this is not the case in Indonesia. Here, the new Perodua MyVi is rebadged under the Daihatsu name and sold as the Daihatsu Sirion. The external appearance is identical to the Perodua MyVi sold in Malaysia.

Thanks to the Daihatsu badge, the MyVi ( or the Sirion ) sells well in the market. In my honest opinion, I find the existence of Perodua quite irrelevant.

In my eyes, Perodua exists simply as a form of circumvention for import taxes imposed on Daihatsu and Toyota cars in Malaysia. In other words, Perodua exists only for the sake of profits and blind national pride.

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